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Dynamic Equipment Company (DEC) was established in 2000, with a mission to supply the energy industry with a range of standard and bespoke equipment, to ensure safe working practices and increased drilling efficiency with low maintenance.
The company started bespoke engineering services in order to solve many of the mechanical handling problems associated with offshore and onshore drilling operations.

From the very start, DEC has been at the forefront of technology, using solid modelling packages to both promote and manufacture the complete "Dyna" range of products. This allows a high degree of flexibility in developing new products in the future with increased capability or functionality.

We also provide a wide range of engineering consultancy, design and project management solutions to the ever-increasing demands of the industry. We have also diversified into the marine and defence sectors and are providing unique and bespoke solutions tailored to these industry sectors.

Our mission is to deliver world-class practical solutions to challenging engineering and mechanical handling problems. We use those solutions to build long term customer relationships and continuous improvement to benefit our customers, our staff and our shareholders.

Today the company is owned by founding partners, Richard Hay and Simon Newberry, who secured significant investment funding and expert management support from Symphony Corp in January 2012 and new stewardship of the company by John McCulloch.